Wednesday Web Find | 10.5.11

A couple of weeks ago I finally signed up for the Children's Party Network. It's a website for party planners and vendors to come together and network. I had seen it months before but never understood how it would benefit me to join. And now I'm cursing myself for not joining sooner.

Last night I participated in a hosted chat where we went over so many issues that most planners face at some time in their career. One thing we discussed was photography. So many people have decent digital cameras these days and can produce average photos; but there is no comparison to the quality of photos one can get from a professional. On the other hand, not everyone can afford to hire a professional photographer for personal events. During our chat last nig, a CPN member mentioned that she hires photographers to edit photos that she takes at parties.

That is a genius idea! Such a great middle ground if a photographer is not in your budget but you'd still like some 'polished' event photos.

Check out Southern Belle's Charm, where she discusses this very concept - with photos!

Happy Wednesday! Do you have any fun web finds to share?

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